Custom Ceiling Tile Design


Millennium Murals Ceiling Tiles are priced by the square foot. This includes basic design, production, and application of our vinyl surface on to acoustical tiles. We can supply the tiles or we use your tiles to assure a match in texture and style with the other ceilings in your space.

Please shop in the online catalog!

There will be extra design fees for unusual designs or extremely complicated designs. These will be discussed as we begin the design process. Most projects will not incur extra fees.
If we need to purchase rights to a logo or a photo, we will notify you and those costs will be passed on to you.

Price effective through January 1, 2006 is $20 per square foot plus the cost of the tile.

Discounts can be applied when many multiples of the same tile are produced, minimizing the design time.

Premium Ceiling Tiles from the catalog

Cost of tiles is not included. If Millennium Murals tiles are used they will be provided at cost (approx. $1.50 per 2' x 2' tile) and added to prices below. Cost of plexiglass is not included.

Shipping charges not included.  Washable, fire retardant surface




$80.00 ea


65.00 ea


60.00 ea


$55.00 ea


$50.00 ea


$45.00 ea

*Charges are double for 2' x 4' tiles.

Premium Backlit Panels from the Catalog

Any image in the ceiling tile catalog can be used for light panels

We are delighted to work with your images, too!

only $240 per panel check out our competetors' pricing

Cost of plexiglass is not included. If Millennium Murals plexiglass is used it will be provided at cost
($18.00 per 1/4" x 2' x4' (approximate size) panel), and added to prices below.

Shipping charges not included.  Washable, fire retardant surface



Priced at $22 per square foot, the minimum size for the shortest side is 4 square feet. In the mural catalog, the minimum size and price will be indicated. Of course, we can always go larger!  The images are printed on adhesive backed vinyl, which can be applied directly to any non-textured wall.

And now for something completely different:

Patterns printed directly onto tiles. Not waterproof, a pricing alternative for large scale projects.

Alternate budget pricing for direct print bulk orders:

  • Prices start at $28 per tile for quantities over 40 tiles.

  • Substantial discounts offered for large orders.

  • $60 set up charge for each image printed.

  • Price does not include tile which will be provided at cost.


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