Custom Ceiling Tile Design


Can I have a design made especially for me?
Yes, we specialize in custom work. All you need to do is tell us your concept and we will work with you to make an effective finished product.
Can you use my logo or trademark symbol?
Yes, we can use your logo or trademark symbol. We will need a good copy of the image and permission from the owner of that symbol. Then, we can integrate it into your custom design with ease.
Can you use my photographs?
Yes, depending.... if you have good quality photos, we can incorporate them into your design. Often, we can correct and enhance the photos. Also, we can interpret the photos using artistic methods, changing a pastel, pencil, etching, or other design concept from your image.
How can I know I will like your design?
You can look at the many other designs we have created. As we work, we place the images up on the internet so that you can have input into the process as we work. They can be viewed from any computer that has internet access. If we are going in the wrong direction, we will continue to design until we come up with the concept you envisioned. To see an example of the test tiles we did for a University of Wisconsin Clinic, click here. They viewed them and gave their approval after changes. All this done on the internet!
How do you do the designing?
We talk with you about your wishes. Then, we create a sample tile image to see if we are on track. If the tile is "too much" of something, or "too little" of something else, here is where we make the corrections. We will "go back to the drawing board" until we understand what you need.
Can this be done long distance?

Yes, we have worked with clients who have never been to our office. By placing the images in a special folder on the internet, they can be viewed by you and your associates/ clients. As we complete a tile, we will let you know that there is a new one to see.

How long does it take?
If you are working under a deadline, we will make sure that your project comes in on schedule. However, miracles are difficult under the best of circumstances. Once the project design is approved and signed off, we can usually have finished tiles ready for you within one week. Unusually large orders may take longer to complete. Often, the designing is the time consuming aspect, while we work with you to determine exactly what your needs are.
Who will be doing the designing?
The tile design is done by a team of fine artists, all of whom have their own art in corporate and museum collections across the country. Rest assured that you will be working with some of the finest artists there are.
How long will they last?
The surface that we put on the ceiling tiles will last a very long time. These graphics are guaranteed for 5 to 10 years in direct sunlight and longer in indirect light. You will not see fading, cracking, or peeling.
Are their any tile surfaces you can't use?
We will use the tiles that are supplied by you or your builder/contractor. The surface texture of the tiles will determine the surface of the custom tiles, thus, they will be a match to all the tiles in your building. Inexpensive, flexible tiles that are often found at home building stores will not work. Generally we say, "if you can punch a hole in them with a pencil", we can't work with them.
Are they fire retardant?
The membrane that we apply to the tiles can be made fire retardant.
Are they washable?
Yes, the tiles can be washed with mild soap and water or a standard glass cleaner.
How do I get started?
Look at your ceiling and begin to dream. Then call or e-mail us to let us know what you are thinking. We will blend our talents with your imagination. We have many satisfied customers and will be happy to provide references.
How do you invoice?

Because the tiles are priced by the square foot, we can give you a solid estimate immediately. Unless other arrangements are made, 50% is due upon project start and the rest upon completion.
In general, simple design services will be included in the basic tile costs. Unusual design requests may require an additional fee. If image rights need to be purchased, the costs will be passed on to the customer.

Do you install the tiles?
Installation is not included in the cost of the tiles. Usually, your builder will find it convenient to pick up the tiles and place them when the ceiling is being installed. It is an easy project to do yourself, if you wish.
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