Getting Started

Step 1 Choice of package

Step 2 Title, Keywords, and Description

Step 3 -The layout of the site

Step 4 Preparing images and text

Step 5 Domain name and Website Hosting

Step 6 Contact Information

Here is an overview of the steps involved in getting started on a new website.

Not all of these steps must be completed initially.

We offer several packages to meet your needs. For details of what each package offers see our pricing guide. We are also happy to give a quote for specific work.

We charge extra for services required beyond our proposals and standard packages.

Step 1 Choice of Package

Select your package choice.

Step 2-Title, Keywords, and Description Choosing a Title, finding suitable Keywords, and writing a Description

KEYWORDS - Keywords are used by search engines such as yahoo or excite to catalog web pages. These are words or phrases that describe what a visitor to your website would find. Keywords are not visible to someone visiting your site but they are written into the computer code. How to choose keywords:

  • Brainstorm a list of words apply to your business.
  • The best way to confirm the keywords you have brainstormed is to try them on a major search engine (i.e.. Yahoo or Excite) and then travel to the sites you find in that search. Do the sites you find with these keywords match what you hope to find; sites like yours? If so you are on the right track. Otherwise try again with other keywords.
  • It helps to have quite a few, but it is also important to prioritize your list. List in rough order of importance
  • do not repeat words, even small words such as "the".
  • write your list with no commas or returns

TITLE - The Title of your web site will be displayed at the top of a visitor’s browser. The Title of your website will help search engines and therefore your customers / audience find you.

  • Try to use your best keywords in the title.
  • Avoid listing the same word multiple times in a row since some engines may penalize for this.
  • Make your title interesting and "compelling" to the reader to convince them why they should click there.

DESCRIPTION - The description is a short ( 25 word/ 200 character) description of the content of your website. The description will be seen when a search engine brings up your website. Write a description that will make someone want to click on your page versus a number of similar pages.

Step 3 - The layout of the site

This is the part of site design where you let us know what you would like to have included in your site. Here are some suggestions of what you might include
  • home page
  • about us
  • products
  • A tour
  • frequently asked questions
  • links
  • services
  • contact us

Step 4 - Preparing images and text

You can send text via e-mail, diskette or in printed form. The fastest and most accurate way of transferring information to Milling Around is via e-mail.

E-MAIL To Send text via e-mail copy and paste your content into an e-mail message. Please e-mail your page content to 

DISKETTE Please send files in Microsoft Word format, Word Perfect Format,  or text/ascii format.  All word processors will save a document as a text or ascii document.

PRINT Out if you are unable to send Milling Around your text and graphics by e-mail or diskette you can send printed material.We will convert your text to the web page language. Please note the charges for this service on our pricing page

Images We have the capability to scan your slides or photos. We are also happy to work with your digital images. If you need us to prepare specialized graphic elements over the amount allotted in our packages, please explain clearly, and perhaps include a sketch. We charge for such items on an hourly basis.


Step 5 Domain name and Website Hosting

Eventually your completed website will need a home. We can assist you in setting up a domain name and uploading your website to a host

Domain name You can check now to see if the domain names you would like is avalible.

Website Hosting For hosting options look at our services page

If you have chosen a host we wil need to know the following information: FTP site, your user name and password.

Step 6 Other Stuff

Are there any web sites which you have seen that you would like yours to look like? make a list of the url (www address).

Let us know how we can help you. Email or call.


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