What is FAQ

FAQ stands for
Frequently Asked Questions

How will people find my website? People usually look for websites by asking a search engine such as Lycos, Yahoo, Excite, Google, and others...to look for a particular Keyword. Milling Around takes care to assist you in selecting the correct keywords so that we can register your site with most of the major search engines.

What is a a domain name?

Do I need one?

Are they expensive?

A domain name, also know as a dot com address, is the address used to identify your website (for example our address is www.emill.com). Domain names help others to find your site and have become so reasonably priced, everyone could have one. Milling Around can assist you in acquiring one or you can go directly to our Preferred Provider , find out what's available, and sign up on your own.

Can you modify my existing site?

Can I make future upgrades to my site?

Yes, a fresh look or new content can do wonders for a website.

What is hosting?

Where can I get it?

A host stores the website on the internet and allows anyone to view it. Every website needs a host. Milling Around offers very reasonable rates for hosting. Many of you who have access to the internet also have web site storage space as part of your package. We are happy to place your site in that storage space or anywhere else you choose.

Can I sell things on the web?

Can I accept credit cards?

People take a variety of approaches to selling on the web. Some prefer to use the web to make contacts and then complete the sale over the phone or in person. Others want to have a shopping cart and accept credit cards. We can consult with you to decide what is right for you.
Can you put my photos, slides, logo, and printed text on my website? Yes. We can convert hard copies, scan photos and slides, and stationary.
What are some nice extras that could jazz up my site? Rollover buttons and animations can enhance the look of a site. There are also ways to make the site more interactive such as adding a guest book or bulletin board that allows visitors to conduct online discussions. Take a look as some examples of what we can do. If you have an idea bring it to us.
Can a website be designed from a distance? Milling Around can and has designed websites for clients from near and far. We are happy to do all our consulting with you via e-mail and the telephone.
What does Milling Around have to offer that other web designers don't? Milling Around is staffed by web designers with years of experience in the arts. We know how to create an individual look that will make your site fresh and inviting. Our prices are very competitive.
How do I get started?

Take a look at the getting started page

If you have more questions, give us a call at (608)437-7880 or send us an e-mail. Business hours are 11 to 5 CST Tuesday thru Friday.

How long will it take to build my site? Every site differs in scope. Often, it takes time for the client to gather all the information. Once Milling Around has all the needed records, the site will be ready for the net within 14 days.


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