The Website Design Process


The first and most important step in producing a Website is to clearly define the specific goals that you wish to accomplish. It could be simply to establish a presence on Web or to promote a product or to put information within easy reach of those who need it.

The Quote

Upon determining your needs a quote will be prepared. No site is exactly the same, but many of the components are. You may plan your site ahead of time and then follow our pricing guide to know what your costs will be. Milling Around request 50% of the quoted price before we begin designing. The rest, including any added design work, will be due upon your approval of the site and its uploading to the host of your choice.

Gathering Materials

Based on your goals, we will develop a site plan that meets your needs. At this stage we will determine the size of the site and the price You will receive a list of the documents, photographs, text, and other content that we will need from you.

Preparing content for the Web

At that point we go to work on your content to make it web ready. We will take all of the copy, photos, and graphics supplied by you, create any original graphics, and lay out the individual pages. Photos and slides need to be scanned and formatted for the Internet. Text must likewise be formatted. In addition a navigation system must recreated and implemented. It is desirable to send text to us in the body of an e-mail. Hard copy or scanned text must be converted to computer text. This work is charged by the hour.

Uploading the site to a host and choosing a domain name

The site must be accessible to the Internet. The host allows people to access your website by giving your site a place on the internet to reside. Many of you have hosting included in your internet access packages. If not, we will help you determine the optimum hosting plan for you.

When your site is completed, it will be placed with your host. While your site is being created, Milling Around will give you a special website address where you (and anyone you want to tell) can view the site in progress.

The domain name is the address that people use to reach your website. At this time, domain names are very reasonable to acquire, costing as little as $16 per year. You do not need to have a domain name.

Registration with Search Engines

One of the most critical steps in marketing via the Internet, is to register your new site with all of the most popular search services such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Webcrawler, and others. If someone searches for you or your business name on the Internet, we want to be sure that your new website shows up in their list. This aspect of website implementation is highly recommended and comes automatically with our advanced website package.

The look of a Web page can vary from computer to computer

Why hire professional designers such as Milling Around to design your website? Unlike printed materials, the look of a Web page can vary from computer to computer. There are a plethora of operating systems and browsers that influence the look of a web page. Many of the basic attributes of a Web page, including typeface, font size, window size and background color, are set by the individual reader. All of these variables must be anticipated and compensated for, or a significant percentage of your target audience will see something short of stunning design. At Milling Around, our experience will make the difference.


Milling Around can maintain your site for you, or can train you to maintain your own site. This work can be done on an hourly basis or can be quoted as a package. Minor maintenance is billed as a tab...when the tab comes to over $15, a bill will be sent. It only takes a few minutes to put a "sold' sign on a painting or add another event to a schedule. Keeping your site up-to-date is a sure way to keep people coming back to see what is new.

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