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Millennium murals offers a number of mural products. Our specialty to is large scale custom images which take a variety of formats....everything from custom ceiling tile images to large scale art reproductions to full room installations. While what we offer serves the same purpose as traditional murals, our products use the latest technologies. Almost all our projects start with design work done in the computer. This allows us to show clients proofs of the work in progress and respond to clients wishes. The client becomes a part of the creative process.

Once the design is approved we print it on a large format printer. Many of our jobs are printed on an extremely durable vinyl material that is easily washed and is fire retardant. We also have access to other materials for special uses. For example some projects require canvas banner material, for back lit images we print on a special media designed for the purpose. It is even possible to print directly on rigid materials such as metal.

The work we do can be installed using a variety of finishes. We laminate most of what we do to increase the durability. Some projects require mounting on a rigid material such as PVC board. We can also prepare images to be hung as banners with pole pockets and or grommets. Some of our images have been finished in very large picture frames. In some cases we will mount a graphic directly to a wall surrounded by moldings or wrap an entire room to create an environment. One particularly striking installation involved placing images behind window frames to create a view where none was available. We have also created vehicle graphics complete with semi-transparent graphics so as not to obscure the windows.

For most jobs the high resolution output of the printer is the desired output. However other clients seek to reproduce the look of a hand painted work, but like the idea of being able to preview and control the composition of the work. In those cases we have painted directly over the printed image to create a work that is a hybrid of technology and tradition. These hand painted works while more expensive than the unpainted works are a cost efficient solution to a particular need.

Call us with your design needs. We can help!

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