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Lamination offers protection to printed images from both physical damage and color deterioration caused by ultraviolet light. Most printing papers are delicate and not waterproof, so lamination offers needed protection. If you are not sure about which type to use, feel free to ask us, we will suggest
the appropriate type for your project.


Your image can be mounted to the a variety of types of materials. Most common types include:Foam board, Gatorboard, Plexiglas, and wood-based boards. Our studio has the equipment to mount large images directly onto a surface or we can apply an adhesive backing with backing paper for later application to a surface.


There are many types of 'Displays', whether you need a life-size self standing foam board cutout, a tradeshow mural, a full color cloth backdrop, a lightweight indoor banner, a rugged vinyl banner for outdoor use, an
eye-popping backlit lightbox, or a simple tabletop sign with an easel - we can accommodate you. If you happen to have something else in mind, we can work with you to achieve your desired look.

• Window Signage
For an inexpensive way to promote your retail business, our full color paper window signs will surely catch everyone's attention. We recommend UV ink and UV lamination to keep your print lasting months and even years from the intense sunlight.
• Mounted Posters
Can be framed, put on easels, hung with optional grommets, or just Velcro it to a wall. Mounting available onto many different board types.
• Banners and Backdrops
Many materials can be used as banners. Materials vary from paper to silk to canvas to rugged outdoor vinyl.
• Tabletop Signs
A convenient display that can be self standing and sit onto a tradeshow table or retail counter.
• Backlit Film for Light Boxes
Light boxes are a natural attention getter. Film can be laminated for added rigidity or attached to Plexiglas.



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